Key Actions: Building employee awareness

Financial industry professionals have a vital role to play in the prevention of modern slavery and the empowerment of survivors. Awareness needs to be raised of the impact employees can make.

Key Actions: Building employee awareness

Key Actions

  • CEOs and senior management are encouraged to reinforce measures against modern slavery by placing it firmly on the agenda of their board of directors or senior management.
  • Leverage sustainable employee fundraising initiatives, volunteering and bank-wide charity funding programmes to promote survivor financial empowerment.

Important guidance for building awareness

  1. Providing training for all bank staff to understand the scale of modern slavery and easily notice wider patterns of suspicious activity is key to building awareness.
  2. Engaging employees through volunteering, fundraising and other funding initiatives (e.g., payroll giving) are great ways to support awareness-raising and increase understanding of the issues.

Important guidance for employee volunteering

  1. Identify the skills employees can offer and ask partnering charities if they have any work available or needs to take advantage of those skills.
  2. Make sure volunteering is worthwhile to the charity – volunteering can involve traditional activities including a house renovation or a community clean-up. However, some charities have more pressing needs for pro bono support, such as helping with bookkeeping, technology or administrative jobs.
  3. Understand the scale of the partnering charity to avoid overwhelming the capacity of frontline staff by involving too many employees.
  4. Get involved in short, one-off interactions with charities when they are needed but also seek to engage in long-term sustainable projects.

“It’d be interesting to have a volunteer program from different banks, with people who are more in the personal financial advisory world being assigned as financial advisors to survivors over a long period of time.”

Sara Crowe, Strategic Initiatives Director, Polaris

Important guidance for funding initiatives

  1. Understand the importance of responsible funding practices and explore the Association of Charitable Foundations for recommended resources.
  2. Establish clear funding objectives and design your funding processes in accordance with clear values.
  3. Seek to achieve a positive impact beyond a purely financial contribution by engaging with grantees to understand their needs.
  4. Provide long-term, flexible funding to allow SSOs to allocate resources where they are most needed, making room for innovation, emergence, and impact.
  5. Encourage employees to go beyond modern slavery training by implementing schemes such as employer-match giving and employee-supported volunteering.

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Survivor financial empowerment hub

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An introduction to key drivers

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